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New Year New You

Everyone wants to be thinner or in better health as a new years resolution it would seem. I go to my gym and for the first 2 months of the year the place is busy as can be with all those hopefuls. The problem is (for them not for me) is by March my gym is back to normal and many have dropped out of the race. You know why resolutions don’t work, because people don’t really mean them. Not enough to actually put the hard work and dedication in to make them happen. And when it comes to fitness there is a TON of hard work that goes in and a TON of dedication to oneself that is needed. Remember the only person who’s fault is is that you failed is you.

So to help everyone start off on the right food I am going to be writing about different challenges you could take to make this year different if a better body is your end goal. The first challenge is called

Body Rock Sumo Step Up Challenge: (brought to you by the awesome folks over at

Are you ready? This is a timed challenge which means you are up against yourself and the clock. Everytime you perform this challenge (at least once per week) time yourself and record your time. What will be your personal best?

Body Rock Sumo Step Up Challenge:


Complete 100 reps on each leg taking a break as you need to, but your goal is to complete this challenge as fast as you can.


Start by standing with a step next to your left leg and with your feet wide apart. Push your hips back while keeping your back straight and do a Sumo Squat. Try to get as low as you can. Beginners should try to get their thighs at least parallel to the ground.

As you stand up, take a step to the left with your right foot to bring your legs closer together.

Step on the chair sideways with your left foot.

Step up and drive your right knee up.

Step down and get back into the starting position (the Sumo Squat). This is one rep.

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