Under the Vail: Wedding Math

Ah the guest list. The one thing that will break your budget, piss off everyone you know and give you one hell of a migraine. Unless you want a big expensive wedding you WILL deal with this issue. The Fiancee and I originally wanted no more than our close family (moms dads brothers sisters) to be invited. However once we gave up on the small beach wedding idea that went right out the window. So then we decided we would want to keep our list at around 80 people. That was impossible as we both have a shit load of family and we would like to have our friends there. So 100 it is. We are capped at 100 and people are pissed.

Let it be known that at this time we have decided that there will not be children at our wedding except the 3 little ones who are IN the wedding. This means that people under the age of 18 are not going to get an invite. Reasons being, A: it’s an adult themed cocktail party reception that goes late into the night and B: It is too expensive to have kids there.

Other ways we have cut down on the list so far is to not invite people we have never met. Each parent is allowed a set number of guest to invite and that is it. This way we do not have to go around introducing ourselves at our own wedding.

There are other tactics we are trying as well that I won’t get into just yet since nothing is final. However I do want to point out that weddings are expensive. For every person that comes you are paying over $100 per person in a typical wedding.

But let me get real here for a second. It’s not just the money. I know that my dad would be more than willing to pay more to give me exactly the wedding I want. So this means if I wanted to invite 250 guest I could. That is not the only issue here people. The Fiancee and I both agree (this is NOT just me) that we want the wedding to be small. If that means that 100 people is our cap that is our choice and people should leave us alone about it. Do not make us feel bad, do not pressure us and PLEASE do not assume you are invited if you have yet to get a save the date….Now THAT is a rant for another blog…Stay tuned.


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  1. Posted by Monica on May 4, 2011 at 5:05 am

    I know this is hard to do because I have been there – I go back to the same thing – THIS IS ABOUT YOU AND FUTURE HUBBY – not everyone else. Go ahead and piss people off – if they can’t take it – and they aren’t your friends after – do you really need them on your wedding or friend list?


    • Thanks Mon. you are so right! I am starting to get better at ignoring the crap that bugs me plus it helps that I can vent on my blog 😉


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