Under the vail: Kiss Your Dream Wedding Goodbye!

I have decided to start a new series in my blog all about my adventures, misadventures and the many challenges of being engaged. Those of you who may come to read this and are apart of my life should take note: this blog will most likely piss you off. I intend to use this blog series as a way to vent my many bridal frustrations and also warn those future brides to be about what really happens when the ring gets placed on your finger. Please do not take anything here to heart or take it too personal. We all need our ways to vent frustrations and this is mine.

Throw it out.

Throw out any idea you had about the type of wedding you want to have. Until you have a ring on your finger nothing you decide matters. I originally wanted to get married in a small intimate ceremony on a beach. The only people in attendance being my Parents, my siblings and my future husband’s parents and siblings. Small, intimate, wonderfully romantic. Perfect. I had this vision for my perfect dream wedding for about 5 years (I was never the child who planned her wedding). It took about 2 weeks for me to break down and accept the fact that my dream wedding was never going to happen. Too many feelings will be hurt. Too many people looking at me like I was the crazy one for wanting a small wedding.

Let me let you future brides to be in on a little secret… once he puts a ring on it, EVERYONE has an opinion on how your wedding should be. This means not only will your family, his family, your masseuse, your trainer, the lady at the grocery store check out all have an opinion but even the guy changing your brakes and pretty much anyone who sees you have a ring on the left hand ring finger will have an opinion. They will all have advice and it will almost all drive you crazy after week one. Because you go slightly insane from all the opinions, you will cave. You will let go of that beach image and you will embrace the big wedding.

I have accepted the fact that my dream wedding is long gone. I have put a deposit down at Hudson Gardens and in the defense of local weddings I fell in love with Hudson Gardens when I viewed it. A new wedding dream was able to start forming once I saw the gardens. It was an ok compromise. However now I struggle with a big one. The guest list. If you are ever going to get married you will probably run into this problem as well. When you want only 10 people you will end up with 50, when you cap the guest list at 50 you will end up with 120. It’s wedding math and it sucks, but that is a WHOLE other topic that I will address in a future blog. Stay tuned…


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  1. Posted by Monica on April 19, 2011 at 10:40 am

    Well, I know you didn’t ask for my opionion, but it really would be easier to just find a beach and do the ultra romantic thing. When you try to please everyone, you end up hurting someone – so just please yourself and whoever doesn’t like it – must deal with it. You are Miss Bah-Lou – the strong willed young lady I know – but I know, new family and issues make it hard. HANG IN THERE, BUDDY!


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