Mika The Dog Wonder’s 7 Resolution for 2011

Mika wanted to join in the fun of creating her own new year resolutions…Here are hers:

1. I will try not to eat anymore of the cookies that Kelly bakes and leaves on the counter…I will TRY.

2. I will no longer lay on the guest bed on top of all the clean clothes.

3. I will stop eating Kelly’s ingredients such as powdered sugar and basmati rice (which really isn’t all that good uncooked).

4. I will stop barking at random dogs in the morning and let the humans sleep in.

5. I will stop barking at my humans.

6. I will stop getting into the trash and hoarding “snacks” in the backyard for midnight snacks.

7. I will no longer knock over the oil in the wok left over from egg rolls.

People never really keep these things right?!??? ~ Mika


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