Sometimes Doctors SUCK

Okay so here is the deal. I am sick. Not your everyday stuffy nose sick but REALLY sick. I am going on week 3 of congestion and coughing and recently not having a voice. I have had enough. So what do I do? I did what any sick person who has suffered for 3 weeks would do…I went to the doctors. Here is where I have to stop and complain. Sometimes doctors suck. I mean they have no regard to your time. It’s all about them. They tell you to show up early and if you are a minute late they will cancel your appointment and charge you anyway…I’m just saying.

Yesterday I called my doctors office and left a message. No one called me back. I called back today. I left another message and finally after about an hour I got a call back. They were able to get me in at 4pm. I showed up at 3:55pm. At 4:35pm I was FINALY brought into the exam room. After about another 10 minutes the doctor came in to examine me. After about 2 minutes I had my Rx in hand and I was off to pay my co-pay. REALLY!?!? I waited 45 minutes before I saw the doctor for 2 whole minutes!?!?!?

This is only the beginning of my troubles with the medical profession but now is not the time…so for now I will take my meds and pray that this hell of a sickness kicks the bucket soon because Cinderella has a ball to get to on Sunday and I am not missing it!!

What’s the longest you had to wait to see a doctor?


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