Mika the Dog Wonder – Back from Vacation

I realize it has been FOREVER since Mika last updated the world on her life but it’s summer time and she is busy! Anywhoo, I will now dictate what Mika the Dog Wonder wishes to share with you…

“I just got back from the most amazing vacation! I think vacations are awesome because you get to play all day with other dogs and you can bark all you want and the humans don’t yell at you! You would think I would miss my humans since I was away on my vacation for a whole week but I had so much fun playing and swimming that I totally forgot to miss them…I am sure they missed me though because when they came to pick me up they couldn’t stop petting and hugging me! The best part is my humans wanted to cuddle with me the whole weekend! Check out photos from my vacation and when I got back. Always remember to take a break every once in a while!” ~ Mika

So excited to be on my way to the doggie country club for my vacation!

I am a pretty good swimmer!

Happy to be home and playing with my human!

I was so tired from my vacation I slept for DAYS!

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