Mac Meltdown

I have to apologize to anyone who actually reads my blog. I have been a bad blogger and have neglected you this past week or so. I know I have not been posting but I have a good excuse, I promise!

My poor little macbook had a computer meltdown and crashed it’s hard-dive so I had to take it to the Apple Genius Bar to get a new one. Thank GOD for Apple Care! After receiving my baby back it turned out they added a new password and I was unable to run updates! GRRRR back to the Genius Bar I go…I received the password and was off to restore my content (I can’t say enough about backing up your computer…Thanks Chris!) But alas I couldn’t boot my new OS system because now the DVD drive was all pissy. So I am thinking that my baby mac is defiantly a girl because that bitch was PMSing bad this week!! Anywhoo I took HER back to the Genius Bar where I am getting quite chummy with the techs. Today I finally picked her up and fingers crossed she will work tonight. I need to update my OS system to Snow Leopard then restore my lost content then PRAY TO GOD it all works. If everything goes as planned I will be back to posting regularly and so will Mika (who has a TON of photos to share).

In the mean time you can always check out my food blog: Wine & Dine
I give out some pretty tasty recipes that are not only BOMB but they are easy to make too! GO NOW…DO IT, and comment often!

Kisses~ Kelly


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