Enter to win some Copper Pots & Pans by helping me with my new job!!

How would you like to win a beautiful set of copper pots and pans valued at over $1200??? Well here’s your chance…and its really easy to do! (oh and if you don’t want the pans feel free to send them my way)

My new job is at foodservicewarehouse.com. This is a company that specializes in restaurant supply. They are trying to promote their new “Mega Stores” which are basically different parts of the website that are categorized for certain types of supplies. These mega stores have tons of cool content from product info to educational info and some sweet photos anyone would find cool to look at. So, for anyone who writes a post about us (or puts a link to us on their site or blog or facebook page or twitter account or any other way that encourages people to visit the site) we are offering the chance to get drawn to win the prize.

Here are the mega stores and links to each one so you can check them out for yourself:

Bar supplies
Catering Supplies
Pizza Supplies
Bakery Supplies
Coffee Shop
Asian Restaurant
Break Room Supplies
Convenience Store
Buffet Line

By the way here is a link to the very 8 piece set of pots and pans that you could win if you participate: http://www.foodservicewarehouse.com/matfer/915901/p369152.aspx

Once you have posted the review, send me (knoble@foodservicewarehouse.com) the url to the blog post/ site post and I will enter your name in to the contest. If you know anyone who might be interested in doing this feel free to forward this to them as well. All the help we can get is helpful 😉

Also I get to be in a contest too for every person I get to help out… So really you get a chance to wins some cool kitchen stuff AND you help me in my new job!

Please pass this along to your friends!!




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