Taking a break….

So I am taking a break from work (technically its my lunch break, but whatever) to write this blog. Today is a special day because tonight is “date night”. Date night is basically any night where boyfriend and I actually go out into the world on some kind of adventure of sorts rather then sitting in front of the TV or better yet laying in bed starting at 8pm watching TV then passing out around 9am. Anywhoo the reason this particular date night was promoted is because Tokyo Joes is having Sushi Tuesday. Tokyo Joes still stands to be the ONLY place I can drag boyfriend so I can get my raw fish fix. He is just not a sushi fan. However he IS a spiceyoki fan so I am in! BOOYA!

Oh SNAP! I forgot to tell you all about the bacon chocolate. I know what you are thinking “Bacon Chocolate!?!?! That is BRILLIANT” and usually I would agree with you because basically ALL things go well with bacon. However, I have to say that bacon chocolate is less of a dream come true and more of the taste of feet. Dirty smokey feet. YUCK.

From Drop Box

I suggest you stick to eating bacon and chocolate separately. Just take my advice. If you don’t want to believe me here is what boyfriend had to say “That’s just not right babe!”

There you have it!

Okay its time for me to venture back upstairs and get more work done. And you KNOW Im walking up those 5 flights of stairs because A: Biggest Looser is on tonight and B: Im slightly mental.



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Monica on January 19, 2010 at 2:11 pm

    Dirty smokey feet like from out of camping boots after a long hike? Yuck is right!


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