All Pugs No Traffic! Happy Friday to All!

Thats right. Just as my title states I have solved my dilemma with getting home with as little traffic interaction as possible. Although the Dam Rd illuded me 2 days ago when it was closed…It is closed no longer! YAY! Oh happy day! It only took me 25 minutes to get home. I had plenty of time to go to the liquor store to buy wine for dinner (and Friday libations in general).

Dude this is an accomplishment! Its friday in Denver and I got home in 25 minutes which should take me 40 minutes! I think I will go celebrate with some wine!

Oh I have to share one more thing… When I went to buy the wine (a Pinot Noir because Jeff likes that kind and I like pretty much all wine) I found this wine:

Dog Gone Wine - With a pug!

Now you know with how much my future mother in law (yeah I am not engaged I just call her that)LOVES pugs I just had to buy it and give it to her this weekend to thank her for helping me move the rest of my stuff up to boyfriends house (I mean OUR house). Isn’t he cute? I think I will call him Pinot in honor of the other bottle of wine I purchased and shall enjoy tonight!


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  1. Posted by Monica on January 16, 2010 at 7:43 am

    I hate Denver traffic (small town girl at heart) – I love dogs, although the thought of wine being made out of pears and pugs is kinda funky and would not be healthy for me at all, I enjoyed your bit of news, Kelly – so I’m commenting. Good luck to you and the traffic – be safe.


    • I KNOW! Dog wine threw me off too! But take a deep breath Monica…Its okay…The wine is simply decorated with a Pug. The wine is actually made of pears. Which I too think sounds funky! This is one of the reasons I am giving it to my future mother in law (AKA the boyfriend’s mom). We can all drink with less guilt now 🙂


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