Caffeine fixes and the simple pleasures

What a day!! Today was day 3 at my new job and it seems that something new and exciting happens everyday. Yesterday I was given not just one but TWO computer monitors. This was SO cool (and continues to be SO cool) because I can move screens from one monitor to the other and can view many things at the same time. Its what I like to call rad (and yes I am bringing RAD back). I realize there are people out there that have had the pleasure of having two monitors but I have not and as someone who spends about 95% of my time on a computer this is the best thing to happen to me in the last 48 hours… well until today!!!

Today I had to have some coffee at 1:30PM because I was crashing and needed a pick me up. So I went into the break room to see if maybe I was lucky enough to find some luke warm coffee (hey it was 1:30PM) Oh man I was super thrilled to find out that they have one of those coffee makers that make one cup of coffee at a time. You actually get to pick out the type of coffee you want then put the coffee disk in the maker and BAM! It turns into HOT and tasty FRESH coffee just for you (well actually just for me). It was so freaking cool.  (or should I say RAD)

All these new things! Its weird being someone who’s job is seen as high tech and yet I am thrilled by these simple things. Well all I can say is I will be drinking coffee at work more often. The only time I have had better coffee at work is that one time when Laurel made the Hawaiian coffee. That was good too.

On another note I have yet to find a way home with less traffic. Today I tried to take the Dam Rd but the Damn Road was closed. Dammit! But I will not be discouraged. I WILL find a way… The quest continues. Stay tuned…


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