I am NOT used to Traffic

So I have recently moved in with my boyfriend Jeff, and have just started my new job in the new year. I moved from Colorado Springs where I worked in a company that only had 25 total employees 5 of which actually worked IN the office. At my new gig I work at an up and coming GROWING company on the 5th level in Denver…. I need to explain this background stuff because what I am about to express will make more sense if you can UNDERSTAND WHY I am frustrated with the TRAFFIC in Denver. Okay it took me 5 minutes to get to my last job which was 5 minutes away. It now takes me 30 minutes to get to my job that is only 10 minutes away. And this is no ordinary traffic… no no this is muddy sludgy MOAT traffic. What I mean to say is I live on one side of I-25 and my job is Directly on the OTHER side of I-25. There are 2 and only TWO ways to get to work…

Route A: Parker to Arapahoe to I-25 to Orchard (Arapahoe is HORRID)

Route B: Parker to 225 to I-25 to Orchard…Okay seriously both 225 and I25 are hell in the peak traffic times.

So as you can see there is a traffic moat surrounding me and on the other side is my job.

In the morning its not as bad but at night I find myself fantasizing things like if I was Moses and I could part the traffic (I actually prayed to God that I could do this)… to no avail 😦

I have a goal…I WILL find a way to avoid the traffic. I have a will so there is a way…If only I owned a helicopter.


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