New Year New You

Everyone wants to be thinner or in better health as a new years resolution it would seem. I go to my gym and for the first 2 months of the year the place is busy as can be with all those hopefuls. The problem is (for them not for me) is by March my gym is back to normal and many have dropped out of the race. You know why resolutions don’t work, because people don’t really mean them. Not enough to actually put the hard work and dedication in to make them happen. And when it comes to fitness there is a TON of hard work that goes in and a TON of dedication to oneself that is needed. Remember the only person who’s fault is is that you failed is you.

So to help everyone start off on the right food I am going to be writing about different challenges you could take to make this year different if a better body is your end goal. The first challenge is called

Body Rock Sumo Step Up Challenge: (brought to you by the awesome folks over at

Are you ready? This is a timed challenge which means you are up against yourself and the clock. Everytime you perform this challenge (at least once per week) time yourself and record your time. What will be your personal best?

Body Rock Sumo Step Up Challenge:


Complete 100 reps on each leg taking a break as you need to, but your goal is to complete this challenge as fast as you can.


Start by standing with a step next to your left leg and with your feet wide apart. Push your hips back while keeping your back straight and do a Sumo Squat. Try to get as low as you can. Beginners should try to get their thighs at least parallel to the ground.

As you stand up, take a step to the left with your right foot to bring your legs closer together.

Step on the chair sideways with your left foot.

Step up and drive your right knee up.

Step down and get back into the starting position (the Sumo Squat). This is one rep.


Loosing weight with success

I don’t mean to brag but…YAY I have lost 7 pounds in a month! Go me! Okay now that I got that out….It take a lot to get to the point where your body is a fat burning machine. I started my journey a year and a half ago when I was at 142 lbs. It took a whole year for me to get to 137 and then I hit a wall. At the time I was working out 3-4 days per week and eating moderately well. I was not tracking my calories and I was indulging in a lot of eating out and alcohol. Well in November I started a new program of tracking my calories in and my calories out thanks to and their calorie counter app. Now I was accountable for everything that I took in and everything I worked off.

I also started to workout more consistently and started a new program of 2 days on 1 day off, 3 days on 1 day off. I mixed free weights with TRX training and Zumba and Spinning as my cardio go to.

After a month of all this I have lost the stubborn 7 lbs and am now averaging a loss of 1 lb per week. So the thing that I learned is that accountability is key. Once I decided that I would be accountable for myself and what I was eating and how I was working out and once I had to look at the calories in and out, I became more dedicated. I made smarter food choices, while still enjoying a glass of wine or a dessert when I knew I could spare the calories or the fat grams. The calorie counter program took the guess work out and made my life easier. I started to research more healthy recipes that were also tasty. I was motivated to workout more even if just for 20 or 30 minutes. It is amazing what will happen when you can SEE what you are doing. If I wanted a brownie, I ate that brownie but you better believe I logged it into my calorie counter. I am accountable and it shows!

Do you really want to loose the weight? Well you are the only one who can do it and you are the only reason you can’t if you fail. So if you REALLY want to feel better and loose weight then get started with a program like (it’s free by the way) and start moving! Make it happen.

In the mean time click on over to my food blog to pick up some healthy eating tips like the best healthy foods to save you from a boring diet and recipes that actually taste good.

One more tip. Don’t try to only take in 1200 calories per day. Your body needs those calories. Use one of the many calculators online and figure out what your body needs to work. Many of those calculators will tell you who many calories you should take in and still loose weight. For me my daily goal is between 1600 and 1900 calories. If you take in too few calories your body will go into starvation mode and you will not loose weight.  But also be sure you are tracking what you are eating because a lot of time what you think is only 200 calories is really 500 calories. You will learn a lot when you sit down and start tracking what you eat. It is amazing really.

Now get out there and make that resolution work for you this time!

P.S. If it were easy, everyone would do it. But I promise if you dedicate yourself to 2 weeks you will actually grow to love working out and eating healthy!

I know you are but what am I

Lately I have found myself in the middle of some angry woman. Whether or not they are mad at me or mad at themselves for some kind of shortcomings I have no idea. Sometimes when you are a strong woman who speaks her mind and has found a little success in the world you will become the object of someone else’s disdain. It would be one thing if I was getting this sort of stuff from one person but lately some crazy stuff has been said about me for absolutely no reason and sometimes it feels like I have been betrayed by people I trusted.

It was only a about a week ago that I was talking to my Dad and I had said to him (with him agreeing) that you are the only one who can control your emotions. You are the only one who can allow someone else to make you feel bad about yourself or let yourself get angry. And usually I am a true believer but it seems that lately it is coming from all sides for so many trivial reasons. It could be jealousy, it could be a chemical imbalance, it could be fear.

I can handle some aggression or passive aggression but when it comes on this strong from separate sources it wares on me. I am weary. I am sick. I am internalizing the emotions and allowing their negative energy into my positive world. It is times like this that I turn to good old Mr. Fred Rogers. The man knows his shit! Here is one that helps me when I get into these depressions…when I let people upset me…When I let myself be upset.

“Confronting our feelings and giving them appropriate expression always takes strength, not weakness. It takes strength to acknowledge our anger and sometimes more strength yet to curb the aggressive urges anger may bring and to channel them into nonviolent outlets. It takes strength to face our sadness and to grieve and to let our grief and our anger flow in tears when they need to. It takes strength to talk about our feelings and to reach out for help and comfort when we need it.” ~ Fred Rogers

There don’t we all feel better…maybe after a good cry. Maybe after I figure out a appropriate way to address these issues. It is not easy growing up and dealing with insecure people. It is not easy but sometimes you have to turn the other cheek and sometimes you have to come at the problem head on and get it taken care of directly. Either way always remember that it is okay to feel anger, to feel sadness but it is not okay to continue to let others make you feel less of yourself. Believe in yourself. Have respect for yourself.


Mika the Dog Wonder

“I truly believe that if I sit here and look cute enough she WILL drop something for me!” ~ Mika

Mika the Dog Wonder: Warm Feet

“With all the rain we have been having lately it’s no surprise that my human’s feet get a little cold. That is where I step in (pun intended) and keep the tootsies toasty!” ~ Mika

Under the Vail: Wedding Math

Ah the guest list. The one thing that will break your budget, piss off everyone you know and give you one hell of a migraine. Unless you want a big expensive wedding you WILL deal with this issue. The Fiancee and I originally wanted no more than our close family (moms dads brothers sisters) to be invited. However once we gave up on the small beach wedding idea that went right out the window. So then we decided we would want to keep our list at around 80 people. That was impossible as we both have a shit load of family and we would like to have our friends there. So 100 it is. We are capped at 100 and people are pissed.

Let it be known that at this time we have decided that there will not be children at our wedding except the 3 little ones who are IN the wedding. This means that people under the age of 18 are not going to get an invite. Reasons being, A: it’s an adult themed cocktail party reception that goes late into the night and B: It is too expensive to have kids there.

Other ways we have cut down on the list so far is to not invite people we have never met. Each parent is allowed a set number of guest to invite and that is it. This way we do not have to go around introducing ourselves at our own wedding.

There are other tactics we are trying as well that I won’t get into just yet since nothing is final. However I do want to point out that weddings are expensive. For every person that comes you are paying over $100 per person in a typical wedding.

But let me get real here for a second. It’s not just the money. I know that my dad would be more than willing to pay more to give me exactly the wedding I want. So this means if I wanted to invite 250 guest I could. That is not the only issue here people. The Fiancee and I both agree (this is NOT just me) that we want the wedding to be small. If that means that 100 people is our cap that is our choice and people should leave us alone about it. Do not make us feel bad, do not pressure us and PLEASE do not assume you are invited if you have yet to get a save the date….Now THAT is a rant for another blog…Stay tuned.

Under the Vail: Bridal Obsession – a guide for grooms

Without a doubt it will happen. You (the bride) will go crazy for about 2 weeks to a month. You will think only about weddings 24/7. You will buy every bridal magazine you can get your hands on. You will sign up for sites like the Knot and will be on it 24/7. You will drive your Fiancee crazy by watching Say Yes to the Dress, Four Weddings and just about any other wedding related show you can find. Your Fiance will no longer like movies like The Wedding Singer because of your obsession.

Take heart Grooms and other innocent bystanders of the crazy bride, this is just a phase. All brides have to go through it. Some may only go through it for a week or two, others may be deemed insane for a good couple of months. Let it play out and in due time you will have your fantastic bride back to a somewhat normal state.

But when I say normal I should probably warn you about one more trait your bride will pick up…PWS Pre-Wedding Syndrome. It’s a lot like PMS with the mood swings and lashing out and sudden fits of tears only it will strike at any time and its mostly caused by wedding planning stress.

Now since I do not want to leave you poor grooms out in the dark there may be some ways you can help your brides with PWS.

  1. Don’t take it personally.
  2. Don’t ever say “I don’t care, whatever you want” because if she asked that means she wants you to care.
  3. Buy her flowers for no reason at all
  4. Take her to the movies or on a date
  5. Give her a hug when you know she is extra stressed
  6. Deal with your family so your bride does not have to.
  7. Go with her to try the food, view the venue and interview the photographer. In other words be an active participant.

That should help at least a little. Otherwise just know that it will all get better once the wedding is over…Hopefully you do not have a long engagement 😉

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